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Thanks for enjoying my work! It is great that you would love to work with me on a project!

Bellow are some considerations in regards to what I do.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look.



I receive many request to collaborate and co create with many awesome inspiring individuals

 some examples include:

Charitable project coverage.

Covering local events.

Making music videos.

Portrait photo shoots.

Crowd funders.


Social media video creation.

Retreat videos and photography.

Online video course production.


Event photography.

You tube channel creation.

Food videos.

Shooting products for online shops.

Recording and producing tracks.

Djing at parties and events.

Recording albums.

Radio show creation.

Podcast creation.

Tips and classes for Djing photography and music production.

Video editing.

Photo Editing.


Menu design.

Restaurant creation.

Dish recipes.

Often the idea is that because these things seem fun or are for a good cause that there is no need to offer compensation. Many people are used to grabbing a phone, shooting a video, uploading to Instagram and boom its done.

Professional media creation with cameras, mics and professional editing and production is different.


The reality is to produce professional media it requires:

Time, practice, skills, experience, training, talent and Equipment.

I have added bellow a kit list of the Equipment that I use and rough estimates on time that it takes me to create projects.

Kit list

Other considerations:

Travel Cab from my location to dominical and back  $100.

Equipment repair and upkeep around $50 a month.

Additional cables, headphones, mics, soundcards, speakers etc.

Estimated time on sessions.


1 hour discussion and set up.

2 hours shooting.

3 to 6 hours image review and editing.

1 hour delivery feedback updates and adjustments.

1 hour Travel.

8 hours.

Dj set

1- 2 hours travel

1-5 hours prep, buying, downloading organizing and planning set list music.

1 hour set up and break down.

3 hour set.

2 hours Flyers and promotion.

1 hour discussion and arranging.

12 hours.

Short  multi shot Video project.

3 hours shooting.

1 hour discussion and set up.

6 hours per 1 min final video footage review and editing

2 hours color correction stabilization and clean up.

2 hours delivery, backup, file management and uploads.

2 hours feed back and changes.

17 hours.

Track production.

5  hours recording.

8 hours editing and additional sounds.

4 hours mixing.

1 hour uploads back up and sharing.

20 hours.


Going rates for comparison.

Photography Pricing - How Much Do Photographers Charge?

$100 – $250 Per Hour

Professional photographers typically charge $100 to $250 per hour or around $25 to $100 per final edited image.

Day rates range from $300 to $500 for birthday parties and $1,000 to $3,000 for a wedding.

Videography Pricing - How Much Do Videographers Charge?

 Lee Editorial in North Richland Hills, Texas, charges a set $50 hourly rate for producing, shooting and editing video. In an example of variable rates for different services, a videographer in the San Francisco Bay Area may charge $95 per hour for on-site filming; $75 per hour for post-production work such as musical overlay, editing and sound effects; and $45 per hour for web uploading, video compression, rendering or burning DVDs.

Thanks for taking the time to understand the work I do.

If you have a proposal for a project message me at: 

Equipment upgrades I am working towards purchasing : 

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